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Red Microalgae Nutritional Food Topper

X10 is a food topper for your pet and contains astaxanthin extracted from marine algae to support your pet's health. 

And health, as the late great Gord Downie said, “That’s it, that’s all, that’s everything.”

All of the ingredients in X10 have been approved by Health Canada and registered as a Veterinary Health Product: NN.S3A5.

Since pets are family, we encourage you to do your own research on astaxanthin, but here’s our side of the story…


Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring fat-soluble carotenoid found in certain microalgae. Natural astaxanthin (not synthetic) is a potent antioxidant and as such has many health benefits. It’s actually what gives salmon, shrimp, lobster, crab, krill, pink flamingo and red ibis, their brilliant orange, red and pink coloring from eating this microalgae.

Its highest concentration in animals is found in the muscles of wild salmon (not farmed salmon). 




WHY       ?

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• Antioxidant

• Supports Health  • Natural ingredients

• Veterinary Product approved

Pets are family and for as long as you get to love each other, you are responsible for making all the choices for your pets - from the food they eat, their exercise and most importantly, to their well-being. With so many choices of food and treats available, your whole family needs additional nutrients as well as protection from toxins and free radicals. 

 Many people still don’t know about or fully understand the key role antioxidants play in how your pet looks, feels and ages. Many pet owners wait until they see aging issues occur before they start adding nutrients and supplements to their pet's diet. X10 supports the health of your pet from early ages through their entire life. Although you may not actually see the benefits, X10 provides nutrients and cellular protection, to support a long and healthy life. 

The rate that animals create their own antioxidants degrades once they reach maturity so aged animals are prime candidates to reap the benefits of consuming antioxidants, including astaxanthin. Any age is a good age for X10!


Astaxanthin protects cells from free radical damage through its antioxidant function. Healthy cells help ensure healthy pets. 

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Oxidative damage by free radicals can damage almost any part of the animal body, including the following organs and systems:

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Dog and cat eating with X10


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X10 is a food topper to mix in with your pet’s food. Just pump onto their food and mix in.

Directions for use: Stir X10 into pet food 1 - 2 times per day. 


For use in dogs and cats only. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Consult your veterinarian prior to use with pregnant or breeding animals.

Keep out of the reach of children.

If stool softens and is orange in color, this is normal but reduce dosage slightly. Consider that absorption is improved when fed with fats and oils.


SERVINGS (Start with 1/2 serving per day)

Weight: < 25 lbs    –    2 Pumps    –    144 servings

Weight: 26 - 50 lbs    –    4 Pumps    –    72 Servings

Weight: > 50 lbs    –    6 Pumps    –    48 Servings

 We recommend starting off slowly. Every pet and breed have different digestion and absorption properties as well as different health issues and severity of issues. The younger and healthier they are, the less X10 your pet will need… but they can still benefit from it. As they age you’ll find they may need more X10 to see the same benefits.



Astaxanthin is red and when it’s not absorbing into the cell it will start to pass through the digestive tract. If your pet’s stool begins to soften and turn orange, it’s OK but it means they’re getting more than they could absorb, just reduce the dosage or consider that fats and oils in that meal will help your pet absorb astaxanthin.

If you’re giving the daily recommended amount and their stool is still firm and brown, this means their body is absorbing it all.



Made in Canada

Regenurex Astaxanthin is made from a naturally-sourced, local strain of freshwater microalgae found in British Columbia, Canada, called Haematococcus pluvialis. 

Many years ago we learned of astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant. Instead of just sourcing this nutrient and not knowing its true origins, we built a controlled, sustainable algae farm to grow our very own microalgae and now make our own astaxanthin products: Regenurex for humans and X10 for pets.

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X10 is manufactured in our very own controlled, sustainable algae farm. We take natural, fresh spring water from the mountains of British Columbia and grow the microalgae in stainless steel drums where it is never exposed to any toxins, plastic piping, pesticides or environmental impacts of any kind.


We extract the astaxanthin using a natural process that does not require dehydration or harsh chemicals (which, to our knowledge, no other manufacturer does). We produce a natural, high potency, and safe product for your pets… because they’re family!


Regenurex helps provide your pets with a long and

healthy life… because they’re family.


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These are real pet actors, not actors.

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